August 2018

PIASC’s Premier Print Awards Winners:

The Stats


The PIA Premier Print Awards is the world’s most prominent international print competition. As reported in the July 9th issue of many of the awards in the 2018 competition went to PIASC members—proof that there’s a great deal of excellent work being done here!


While we ran the full list of local winners in the July 9th issue of (see, we thought it would be fun to revisit the topic and look at some of the stats on the Southern California-based winners…


Number of Local Winners:
24 firms, with a total of 77 awards


Type of Awards Won:

5 Bennys

27 Awards of Recognition

45 Certificates of Merit


Most Awards Won:

Colornet Press, 19 awards–the sixth year in a row that Colornet has topped PIASC’s “most awards won” list

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