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Printing for the planet.

Colornet Press now runs all HUV inks on its presses resulting in zero VOC's or ozone.


Colornet Press has been at the forefront of sustainability efforts for a very long time. We were one of the first printers to eliminate alcohol from the press chemistry, to use direct to plate technology, soy-based inks and water-based coatings. We have continually invested in new equipment and technologies to reduce our carbon footprint. We are an FSCĀ® certified printer and use FSCĀ® certified papers along with wide variety of recycled stocks.


HUV or High Efficiency UV inks are the latest technology and allow printing without VOC's or ozone. The HUV ink has more photo initiators requiring less UV to cure, there is only one light in the press, requiring less electricity to be consumed, and the narrow band of light does not create ozone. HUV ink is cured and dries with an excellent gloss level and great rub and scuff resistance, eliminating the need for coating. Today we only use coating for visual and tactile effects.


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